Anti Valentines Day

Well doesn’t this just suck? Valentines day, that stupid, pointless corporate sell out of a holiday designed solely to shift greetings cards and over priced heart shaped chocolates. Happy singles awareness day everybody!

As if the fact that the streets are lined with shops frantically pushing fake roses and teddy bears holding out hearts with little cutesy messages on them wasn’t bad enough, the radio stations will be playing those insipid love songs all day! Could it get any worse?

Well, cheer up my lonely, bitter pal because I’m here with 5 Anti Valentines songs that celebrate the crappy side of love. Shall we get right into it?

Up first are the Kings of anti love songs Bowling For Soup. They have so many break up songs from guy perspectives that always give you a bit of a chuckle. It’s what you need around this time! Here is the rather aptly named Not A Love Song

Have you ever been in that situation where you really, desperately like someone but they don’t seem to have a single ounce of care for your your feelings? Who am I kidding, we’ve all been there! Here’s Patent Pending with a song about it!

Anybody out there ever been dumped on Valentines Day? If so, you might want to check in with Good Charlotte and take part in their Broken Hearts Parade!

If you have, unfortunately been the victim of a cruel, cruel cheater at some point, I hope you’ll find solidarity with this next song from The Dollyrots. It’s all about those people that ruined your life and left you.

To all of you out there have been through enough and have decided you’re too hard to be hurt any more, there’s a song for you too. It’s a ska tune so it’s a pretty catchy too!

Well there we go! I hope you enjoyed the Anti Valentines music!
If for some reason you’re one of this people that like to celebrate valentines day then you can check out the alternative happy valentines songs right here: Valentines Day Songs

Bonus song:
I couldn’t not put this in for all of our poor fellows in the Friendzone. I’m sure that everybody has at some point been stuck there, through no fault of their own. Here’s another bowling for sop song about what you have to do in that situation.