Eurovision was last night. As usual, it featured the expected cast of depressing ballads, underwhelming performances by previously successful stars, political voting, and nutters.

Now, I know that the Eurovision Song Contest hasn’t really been about the songs for a while. What with all the eastern block of Europe voting for each other and sending the highest points to those countries that share borders with, or have previously supported, the country in some way. No, the ESC has become a farce in my eyes. Something that most of us put on to enjoy the trashy commentary of Graham Norton here in the UK and watch some dire music acts and have a bit of a chuckle. It still shocks me how some countries win, despite a terrible song.

Now if I were in charge of the Eurovision Song Contest, I’d insist that there was an equal amount of effort put in to each countries entry, none of this synthesised techno club music and generic lyrics that sound like they could be out of a Calvin Harris song, like those of Loreen – this years winner. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it, but it’s not hard to write and perform a club song where pretty much all of the lyrics are either the name of the song, repeated twenty thousand times or the word ‘up’. “Going up,up,up,up,up,up,up.” Come on, put a bit of effort in with the songs!

Now, for a hilarious song, we have the 2008 Latvian entry!

It might not be the best sung song, and a lot of it is repetitive but they put some effort in with the idea and the costumes. Good work Latvia.

No, the only recent ESC song that I have really liked was the 2009 winner, Norways Alexander Rybak and his song Fairytale. Rybak played the violin and sang during this song and the lyrics told a story, rather than filled space with a beat and synthesized bassline. It was a SONG for once, not a TRACK or an ANTHEM. It was what I think Eurovision should be about and I’d be glad for a return to every entry being of this calibre!