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Today we have a special post: my first ever guest blogger here on Eat, Sleep, Procrastinate! Sarah PJ White is the author of The Last Angel, which I previously reviewed here. Currently, Sarah is undergoing a blog tour to promote the book which is now out in paperback as well as ebook format. As a part of this blog tour, I asked her to speak a bit about her favourtie books. If you would like to get yourself a copy of The Last Angel or any of Sarah’s other works then links can be found at the end of her post!

I’m delighted to accept Rob’s request to guest on his blog, as part of ‘The Last Angel’ blog tour. The tour will be running for the whole of March, and I will be appearing on various sites – some in the form of author interview, maybe the odd book review and others – like this post – will be specific subjects given to me by the blog host.

So, without further ado, I’d like to share my list of Ten Favourite Books.

1.       Conversations with God: Book One– Neale Donald Walcsh

This book was a complete eye-opener for me; it really casts a new light on the whole religious community and lifts a lot of the myths about heaven, hell & the fear surrounding faith.

2.       Fluke – James Herbert

Brilliant story, well written, totally draws you in – made me cry!

3.       Christine – Stephen King

King writes books that scare the pants off me, Christine & Pet Cemetery to name a few. He is a master of fiction, pace and, even with his non-fiction book ‘On Writing’ – he’s an inspiration.

4.       Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins

This is one of many inspirational books I have, so it was difficult to just pick one! Although this is quite a long book, it’s a great read – I read it when I was having quite a ‘down’ moment in my life – then read it again to implement the strategies within it.

5.       The Left Behind Series – Tim F LaHay & Jerry B Jenkins

This series is great for asking the question ‘what if?’ It’s based around the idea that the ‘chosen ones’ are taken suddenly from the planet – and what happens to those left behind to deal with the aftermath. My only criticism of this series was that, in my eyes they tried to stretch it out a tad too much. Instead of just leaving it to deal with the aftermath of those people being taken, they wrote one more book that got too religious (Glorious Awakening).

6.       Tell Me Your Dreams – Sidney Sheldon

I’ve read a lot of Sidney Sheldon books and this one is one of the best! I love the idea, the pace and the twist at the end – it certainly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!

7.       The Secret History of the World – Jonathan Black

I like any conspiracy book and this one, on the background to secret societies is great!

8.       Write Time: Guide to the Creative Process, from vision through revision – and beyond – Kenneth Atchity

In this book I finally found an easy to read book that really describes the idea of creativity – and how to handle it – in an easy to understand fashion. Totally recommend this for anyone who is thinking of going into the writing business.

9.       Women’s Murder Club series – James Patterson

I love this whole series. Patterson is a genius at creating characters that are great for longevity, as well as a business masterstroke by stretching each character to their full potential. The fact that it’s written about a group of independent, strong women is an absolute bonus!

10.   When The Wind Blows – James Patterson

Powerful book, written by an author I totally admire. Although the idea of experiments on children was horrifying, the story itself is a brilliant piece of imagination. I also love the fact that Patterson showed his business head by expanding it, not only with a follow up (The Lake House) but also by creating a separate YA series (The Max Series).

My Thanks

I’d like to extend my thanks to Rob Hall for agreeing to be part of my blog tour, and for allowing me to guest post on his blog – I hope you all enjoyed it.

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