Roaming Rome Days 4 and 5

Before we begin, a quick sidebar. I realise that it has been nearly three months since the last part of my Rome diary and that’s why, in the interests of getting this over with as quickly as possible, I’ve thrown the last two days together in a single post. Enjoy!)

Day 4 – Capitoline Hill

Day 4 in Rome saw our first chance to indulge in a lie-in. This was the first day that we were not booked to look around one of the major tourist attractions that Rome has to offer and so we decided to take a leisurely approach to the morning before wandering into town to have a look at the Musei Capitolini.

This museum houses some of the more famous works of art that can be seen in Rome, including The Dying Gaul, Capitoline Venus, The Capitoline Wolf – symbol of Rome itself, and the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, to name a few. It was absolutely breathtaking to wander through the museum and to see all of the lovely pieces of art – leading me to question whether the same level of skill is still present these days or have we evolved into the realm of calling strange unmade beds art?


IMG_1865 Top: The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius  Bottom: The Capitoline Wolf

The afternoon was spent wandering around the city and visiting such places as Tiber Island, the Pantheon and Villa Borghese which was unfortunately past closing time, so we ambled back through the Borghese Gardens which have now become one of my favourite places because they’re just so pretty and relaxed!


Day 5 – Homeward Bound

Ok so Day 5 was a bit of a cop out day. We got up late, we had breakfast and then packed and checked out of the hotel before heading back to the Borghese Gardens to read some books and magazines and while away the day until it was time for us to grab the train back to the airport.

Once at the airport, we had the usual deal of wandering around aimlessly until our flight was called, before heading over to the departure gate. Which was miles away. And you had to be taken there by a little train. Which didn’t turn up for ages.

Needless to say, this did not do my panic and stress levels any good. As you may know, I’m a bit of a panicker if I haven’t got everything organised and under control (not organised as in tidy, I’m a very messy person), so the fact that we were having to fast walk (we couldn’t run due to Ali having no grip on her boots) to the departure gate was not my favourite moment of the trip. Despite this however we made the flight, belted in and jetted off home after, quite frankly, one of the nicest holidays I’ve had in a while (Okay, it was the only holiday I’ve had in a while but still!).

So there we have it, the culmination of my Rome Diary, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and if you haven’t already been, I hop it’s inspired you to take a trip to what is truly a fantastic city. I know I’ll be going back as soon as I can!



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