Yes, that’s right I’m back after my two and a half men month hiatus. Which I kind of forgot to mention. Whoops.

Yes, the disruption to your regularly scheduled (HA! That’ll be the day!) blog updates was completely intentional. I have had a LOT to do recently, what with finishing my dissertation and then studying for exams. Unfortunately this meant that blogging had to fall by the wayside. Never fear though, I have now finished university for the summer at least, I’ll be back to take up my next challenge on a PGCE Geography course in September, providing the exams go well!

Now then, shall we pick up where we left off? I know it’s been a while but I think I remember how to do this…

I do have a LOT of things to talk about now though, so sit tight and enjoy the exciting ride as I catch you up on what I’ve been up to! Just because I’ve not been posting blogs doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning them – and yes, that includes a few new fan favourites! (I don’t know who I’m trying to impress, I don’t have any fans besides the room cooling type…)

Starting from tonight, new blog posts will be appearing! I’ll wait whilst you get the celebrations out of the way, take your time…

All done? Excellent.

Tonight, the (unintentionally) long running story of my trip to Rome will finally come to an end, and in the coming days, weeks and months I’ll be blitzing through the “Blog Ideas” note on my iPad.




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