Who am I?

No, I’ve not suddenly become a little forgetful and troubled by my existence in the face of impending doom like Theoden, king of Rohan.

Nor am I starting my slow descent into becoming Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer’s patient (Extra points available for telling me that reference in the comments).

Instead, I thought we would get to know each other a little, with these very simple questions. Should be a bit of fun though, right?

1. What is your name (can be first name or one you go by)?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your username and why did you choose it? (WordPress, twitter, etc)
ThatRobHall, because I’m THAT Rob Hall
4. What’s your job?
I’m a student, so I’m avoiding the world of work for the time being
5. What are your dreams/plans for the future?
Two very different things, my plans are to finish Uni, get a job, enjoy my life.
6. What is your favourite music genre?
7. Who is your favourite band or artist?
Bowling For Soup
8. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
9. Who is your celebrity crush if you have one?
Emma Watson
10. What is your favourite food?
11. What is your favourite drink?
12. What kind of operating system do you use (Windows XP, Windows 7, MAC OS, Ubuntu etc)?
Windows 7
13. What are your favourite websites?
Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, 9gag, YouTube
14. What is your favourite book?
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, hands down.
15. What is your current obsession?
16. What is something that others do that can annoy you?
That’s a large pool, why not check these out instead….
17. What do you like the most about your best friend?
He’s as utterly ridiculous as I am
18. Are you into girls or guys or both?
19. What was or is your favourite subject at school?
Geography, predictably.
20. How do you usually dress when chilling out or out with friends?
Jeans, t shirt/shirt
21. What do you normally wear during the day whether that is at work or at home?
See above
22. What do you wear in bed?
I’m a big fan of t shirt and comfy pyjama bottoms, rather than the Guy Standard of boxer shorts
23. Do you love or hate your computer?
24. What is your favourite colour?
25. What’s your favourite film?
26. Do you prefer a bath or a shower?
27. What bad habits do you have?
Too many to name, chiefly: swearing
28. Favourite gaming console?
Wii, go ahead and laugh gaming purists
29. What did you last LOL at?
A joke on sickipedia
30. Do you have any addictions?
KitKat Chunkies
31. Where is the best place you have been?
Rome (you can check out my trip here: part1 part 2 part 3
32. Where would you like to visit if you had all the money in the world?
Wherever takes my fancy really!
33. Do you have a favourite quote?
“It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to. ” – Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit
34. What makes you angry the most about the world today?
Laziness and apathy combined
35. What is your favourite TV series?
37. Do you like follow for follow?
No, I’ll follow you if I like what you do and find you interesting and I hope that’s why people follow me too!
38. Do you drink?
Occasionally, I am a student after all!
39. Favourite hobby?
Tae Kwon-Do
40. If you had to choose between the internet and music which would you choose?
I can get music on the Internet, so Internet!
41. Do you ever want to get married?
42. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
Hopefully, looking forward to the Easter holidays
43. Favourite fictional character?
44. What animal species are your favorites?
45. What kind of instant message platform do you use? (Msn, Skype, IM)
Skype and FacebookChat
46. What was your childhood dream?
To be a train driver
47. Have you got any specific talents? (Singing, drawing..)
Rapier wit and of course, modesty 😉
48. Describe how you relax
Either in the gym or running or watching TV and reading a book
49. Do you have kind of body art? (Piercings, tattoos, etc.)
50. Do you know any other languages than English?
I know parts of French, German, Italian and Korean but not enough to speak confidently in any.

Fill it out for yourself and leave it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I have to say that Serenity is also my favorite movie and The Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien is also good if you want a really complex world with endless opportunities for accumulating relatively useless but fun knowledge.

    • Thanks for finding this post! Always fun to find that another Browncoat and LOTR fan reads this!

      I have indeed read The Silmarillion, and i would suggest to you Unfinished Tales by Tolkein as it is yet again more in depth knowledge from his collected notes about Middle Earth.

      It’s become one of my goals to read and own all of Tolkeins books.

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