iPod Shuffle Game!

The idea for today’s post comes from my friend Kat. If you’re new here you might not realise that I have what most people would call a terrible and eclectic taste in music. Personally, I think I have a smashing taste in music, but then again if you’ve read any of the Christmas or Valentines music posts, you might be able to make a case to the contrary.

One day in our uni computer room, Kat and I decided to shuffle our iPods and see which of us had the weirdest (or worst, in fact) music come up. Needless to say, we probably should have been doing some work but this seemed more important at the time (and it’s given you a blog post to read, you lucky devils). Needless to say, this then gave rise to her idea that I should do it again some time and post the results on here.

We’d better get started then…

1. Wings – Little MixThis is one of those guilty pleasure songs for me. I know I shouldn’t like it but I cant help it! It’s really catchy, nice and happy, shiny pop music. It’s also great to have on a running playlist! Just so you don’t think I own the full album, this song did come as part of NOW83, not a specific Little Mix album.

2. Heartbeats – José Gonzalez
This has been on my iPod for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why it’s there or how it got there to begin with but it’s a lovely song anyway. I remember hearing it on pretty much every TV show around for ages and it’s just such easy listening that clearly I couldn’t help but download it!

3. Moon Boots – The Script
You know when you download a new album and then transfer the whole thing to your iPod to listen to it? I did that with 3 by The Script and up until now I didn’t know that this song existed. Listening to it now, I quite like it even though it’s pretty much like every other pop song out there. Nice and chilled out, The Script never disappoint!

4. Lets Go To The Pub – Bowling For Soup
Let’s not beat around the bush, I love Bowling For Soup. They’re my favourite band. This song is just one of those happy, catchy ones that fully emphasise why they’re such a great band: They’re relateable! Which group of friends out there hasn’t decided to go to the pub to blow off steam after having any number of crappy experiences in a  day? Or even just to celebrate having a good day? Standard fare for BFS, this song epitomises their “We like to have fun and make music” philosophy.

5. I Want – One DirectionThis song is absolutely awful. Another casualty of the “whole album shift”, One Directions first album got uploaded onto my iPod to see if it is as bad as everyone was saying. Half of it is, the other half I quite like (commence flaming in the comments…). Sadly this song falls into the first category.

6. Feel Like Home – Fort Minor
Back in my teenage years I absolutely loved both Linkin Park and rap music. Therefore when Mike Shinoda, the rapper from Linkin Park started a rap group I was in heaven. To do this day, Fort Minor make the cut for my iPod and I always love it when they crop up on shuffle.

7. Battle of Jericho – Hugh Laurie
I like all kinds of music, especially blues and soul, so when Hugh Laurie released his album I checked it out and quite liked the sound. Battle of Jericho is based upon the biblical tale of Joshua and it’s a nice song if you like this kind of music. Plus, Hugh Laurie isn’t just an actor, he can sing too!

8. My Name Is – Eminem
I went through an embarrassingly long phase in my early teenage years where I wanted to be just like Eminem, so much so that I even unsuccessfully dyed my hair blonde at one point. I thankfully out grew it (both the hair dye and the phase) but I still like the music Eminem produces.

9. Bread – Alex Day
I knew we’d get to the weird part of my iPod before long. Bread is a cover of Alex Day’s flatmates original with a more electronic/dancey feel to it. A biographical song about Flora Spread, a baker with ambition, Bread is a little weird, but I quite like it. Plus it conveys a message at the end.

10. Selfish – Daniel Powter
Most people only know Daniel Powter as a man that has a bad day but he’s so much more. His latest album is brilliant if you like the standard pop music genre like I do.

Well there you go. You’ve now had a look into the first ten songs that appear on my iPods shuffle function tonight. Maybe you liked one of them and decide to try out the band, maybe you hated all of them and think I have the worst taste in music possible. Either way, why don’t you shuffle your iPod and leave the names of the first 10 songs in a comment? Let’s see if we can dredge up some terrible songs that you forgot were on there!

Oh and if you want to know what my friend Kat’s first ten shuffle songs were then I’ll try and get her to comment them below for you! I’ll warn you now, her iPod has some right rubbish on it!




5 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle Game!

  1. Another great read Rob also loving most of the songs that cropped up on your shuffle Hugh Laurie may even make it on to my iPod 🙂 I am at this moment playing this game so here goes nothing.

    1. The Kooks – Pumped up Kicks – BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Vol. 6
    2. King Charles – Polar Bear. Saw these guys at Truck (a small festival near my house) and they have very much made it on to my everyday listening playlists. They did a song originally with Mumford and Sons which was originally the only song I knew from their album but now that’s the one I don’t listen to.
    3. N-Dubz – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved/Breakeven – BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 5. I am a massive fan of the Live Lounge albums in fact I have all of them. I don’t really like N-Dubz but this surprised me and I don’t always skip it now.
    4.ABBA – Lay All Your Love On Me – I love a bit of true pop and what’s better than ABBA.
    5. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Moving Forward. Fat Boy Slim did call one of his albums Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly but there is a band too, I have my Dad to thank for playing me their music. It’s pretty chilled out music and although there is a common sound to their albums I still love ever song on it’s own.
    6. Thais: Meditation – 101 Strings Orchestra & Wilhelm Stephan – Classical Chillout. I love classical music it’s great for when I’m doing work as I don’t get distracted by song lyrics and accidentally write them into my work, which I have done numerous times.
    7. Frank Sinatra – The Best Is Yet To Come. I truly love Frank and the whole swing style, whenever I listen I wish I could go back in time to a swing club and dance the night away.
    8. Michael Buble – How Sweet It Is. On a similar theme I do like a bit of Buble too but my true love will always be with Sinatra the king of swing and easy listening.
    9. Gorillaz – Kids With Guns. I’ve always like the Gorrillaz but the album Demon Days in particular I like a lot of the middle of the album songs as well as the big hits.
    10. Queen – We Will Rock You. I don’t need to say why I have this as in my opinion everyone should have Queen on they’re iPod (or other MP3 compatible devises)

    Well there you go Rob, that’s my 10 with explanations purely as it took more time and meant I didn’t have to do work, true procrastination.

  2. I’m not even ashamed! Mine were EPIC!!! I’ll have to find the list first before I can share it with the world……

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