Valentines Day

Well well well, it’s that time of year again! February 14th is upon us and it is well and truly Valentines Day! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, anybody can embrace the spirit of the day and spread some love around (although let’s make sure it is only love we’re spreading around, as a rather creepy email from the NHS decided to remind me).

In the spirit of the day, I’ve decided to share a few songs that could be called “Valentines Songs” if that we’re a thing. These won’t be your classic love songs and I promise I won’t put ANY Barry Manilow or Neil Diamond in and definitely no Adele. Bloggers honour.

Kicking us off, here’s a cracker from Patent Pending! Not all relationships are the standard Mills and Boon, happily ever after, perfect match scenario. Some are hard work and others are downright dysfunctional. This song really captures the element of being in love with a crazy person – a feeling I know all too well…

Next up we move on to a lovely little ditty about how, sometimes it’s true that opposites attract. This ones just charming, considering their song with Valentine in the title is about killing your crushes boyfriend. Maybe I’ll use that one next year…

Not all Valentines Day stories are about those already in a relationship. What if you’re using the day to take your shot and ask out the girl (or guy we’re all modern here) that you’ve been secretly crushing on for a while? I mean, you’ll be a huge cliché but hey! Here’s A Rocket To The Moon with a song about it.

Robbie Williams has a lot of love songs. The man writes them by the truckload. With that in mind, I really like this one which sums up why a relationship just works!

And finally, you know that feeling you get when you develop a crush on someone and you can’t stop thinking about them and talking about them and then all of a sudden your friends are getting annoyed with you and rolling their eyes every time you open your mouth because they know that its going to be “so and so said this” and “so and so looked at me today”. We’ve all been on both sides of this situation and we know it can’t be helped really, so why don’t we embrace it with this little Bowling For Soup number.

Well there you have it, five not so stereotypical love songs for you this Valentines Day. Whether you’re committed and in a healthy relationship or you’re chasing after that dream girl or guy I hope you have a smashing Valentines Day!

Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, bitter single people! Check out the SECOND part of my Valentines Day song blog for your songs, right here: Anti Valentines Songs

Bonus song:
I couldn’t leave without giving some final advice to those of you that might use today as a chance to go ahead and ask out that person that you’ve been friends with for ages. Here’s the Suburban Legends! Good luck!


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