A while back I answered a call for guest bloggers from one of my favourite food blogs, The Ranting Chef! It had to be a recipe that I haven’t posted before and I had been sitting on this one for a while, as I am PARTICULARLY proud of it, due to it being my own creation! Here you go, finally out there, Rob’s Chelsea Cupcakes!

Also, please make sure you go and checkout The Ranting Chef in all his glory over at http://rantingchef.com

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

The more blogs I read, the more writing styles I recognize. In many ways it makes me reflect on my own style. I like to open each post with a short sentence that is meant to state the theme or grab some attention. I generally love to make my titles plays on words. I use parentheses a lot (I mean a lot). One that I don’t do, but find great is the intentional strikethrough and immediate revision but I like it. The funnier, the better. Rob from Eat, Sleep, Procrastinate has used this in the post below, causing me to spit out my coffee upon first reading. I love it and I know you’ll both the post below and Eat, Sleep, Procrastinate

Over this last summer (and because I had a lot of work that I should have been doing) I became obsessed with a TV show called “The Great…

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  1. Hello fellow parentheses user (is it a British thing? we feel the need to apologise for and explain ourselves at every turn??) and Great British Bake Off fanatic. I spotted this over at The Ranting Chef. What a genius twist on the Chelsea bun!

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