Christmas Music 5 – The Finale

Oh yes, the (I sense long anticipated) finale to my late advent calender of Christmas music for you, strategically designed to end on Christmas Eve! Lets get straight into it.

Kicking us off today we have Vibeke Saugestad, a Norwegian singer and her lovely and cheery Jingle Jangle Christmas!

Barry Manilow is one of my ALL TIME favourite singers. He’s got cracking songs and a lovely sound. And the message in his Christmas song is pretty apt too!

Time for a Christmas Country crossover. Toby Keith provides all the Country music you could want this festive season!

Tim Minchin is a brilliant comedic song writer. With that in mind, when  I tell you that he has a Christmas song, I assume that you’ll be cringing in fear at the atheistic re imagining of Christmas that he would come up with. In reality, it’s just a lovely song from the heart about family and love. Not what you were expecting I’ll bet!

And finally, here we go with the biggest festive mover and shaker of recent times. This song is one of my all time Christmas favourites and fair play to you Mr Buble, you’ve done it incredibly well.

Well that’s all from me before the big day! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these songs and I hope you’ll share them around and start to love them as much as I do!

Have a very Merry Christmas, take care of yourselves and enjoy the holiday season! I’ll be back before the New Year, you can count on that!



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