Christmas Music 3

I know, it might start being a bit of a Festive Cheer overload right now, but here we go with part three of our Christmas music spectacular! This time, here are some of the slightly odder songs I’ve found, most of which haven’t gone onto my own playlist yet – though I’m sure they will do at some point!

Let’s kick it off with Patent Pending, one of my current favourite bands. Their christmas song is written about THAT girl who’s a little bit out of control. We all know one…

Jonathon Coulton, or JoCo as he’s known in most online circles has an insane ability to write songs about any subject. His triumphs so far include a song about IKEA and one written using only photos from the creative commons section of photo sharing site Flickr as inspiration. With that in mind, here’s a bit of an oddity of a Christmas tune, set in a post apocalyptic world… I warned you…

MC Lars is one of my favourite lesser known performers. Anyone that created a genre known as “laptop rap” needs some recognition. Plus, as a geographer, I quite like his environmental Christmas message.

I notice that a fair few of these songs have been a little more rock and pop based. I also know that isn’t the musical taste of some people out there. In order to counteract this matter, allow me to present to you a Hip Hop Christmas collaboration. I was incredibly happy when I found this…

Last one for today, here’s a brief Holiday song to send that one person whom you would happily throw into a pit. There’s always one of those people in your life and here’s the Holiday song for them, because why leave them out of the celebrations?


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