Christmas Music 2

Hello and welcome back once again! I decided that I would be making this a bit of a Christmas mini-series for you! So without further ado here are today’s lesser known Christmas songs you should be listening to!

The Barenaked Ladies are one of those bands that no-one ever seems to listen to anymore, I’m always shocked whenever I find one of my friends that has even heard of them. Plus, this Christmas song is an anthem for elfish welfare!

Most people think that Twisted Sister phased out back in the 80s after having a bit of a One Hit Wonder with “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. I’m very happy to report that they’re still kicking about in the murky depths of the music world and have a Christmas album!

You’re back home for the holidays and that old flame that smashed your heart into a million pieces spots you down the pub. What do you do? Sing this. Loudly.

The Killers. Most people rant and rave about them. I myself would be hard pressed to name a song other than “Mr Brightside”, but then I came across this charming little number.

This final entry for today comes courtesy of my friend Kat. She told me its so awfully cheesy and that’s why you should love it. Personally, I quite agree with her (on this matter, at least!).

That’s it for today then guys and girls! Check back at the same tomorrow for the third part – consider this a very late 4 day Advent calender of silly Christmas music!


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