Christmas Music

Yes, it’s mid-December, I’m back at home for the Holidays and the decorations are up. It is now most definitely Christmas!

So how is the checklist to Christmas going? You have the tree? Check. The food? Check. The cards? Check. The presents? Check! What’s left? Of course! The Christmas music! Time to whack out the playlist that you use year after year and enjoy all the old classics for the next year running. But are some of them getting a bit same-y? Do you want to add a bit of variety? Well, in case you do, allow me to give you a few of my favourite additions directly from MY Christmas playlist! (Yes, this DOES mean that this will feature quite a bit of my odd taste in music. You were warned! 😉 )

Let’s kick it off with a Bowling For Soup cover of that all time festive classic by Mariah Carey!

This is an amazing cover for those of you out there that like the song, but don’t like Mariah. (I’m sorry Mariah, I just don’t like your version. Try not to take it too hard)

Now for a true classic, with a touch of imagination thrown in: Straight No Chaser and The 12 Days of Christmas!

Now here’s one that I’ve only recently started to add to my own Christmas playlist. As luck would have it, they’ve released a full Christmas album this year! And the message of the song is one that EVERYBODY needs to take to heart!

Train are currently going from strength to strength – have you seen their “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” video? It’s pretty good and a really catchy song! When Christmas comes around, you can feel content knowing that, yes, Train have a Christmas song!

Are you ready for a lovely Christmas Song to sing to someone you love dearly? Be it a significant other or anybody else that fills you with that Christmassy feeling! (Eternal Singletons, you can even sing it to your many many cats!)

Ok, so there’s a few for you to be getting on with, I might put a second one of these up in the next few days with a part 2 for you! Consider that promise a Christmas Present to you from me!

Also, have a bonus song right here and now:


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