Student Survival: Freshers Flu

In the roughly two weeks that I haven’t written anything for you lovely people I have moved myself back down to university and we have now reached the end of what is known as “Freshers Week” which is effectively a week long bar crawl for the new first year students. The downside of this is that you are in close (sometimes very close, if you’re particularly friendly) contact with a lot of new people, eating rubbish food, drinking five times your own body weight in alcohol a reasonable amount of alcohol and staying out til god knows what time in the chilly mornings without a coat, because no-one takes a coat to the club. The punishment for your week of sordid debauched revelry is that you will be struck down by the most evil and sadistic malady that you can think of.


For those of you that don’t know, Freshers Flu is like being stuffed into an airtight sack whilst someone beats you with sticks and another throws rocks at your head basically just flu that is brought on by the poor lifestyle and large amounts of new people that you’ll interact with in your first few weeks of Uni. The problem is that this is no normal flu. This is the Chuck Norris and Mr T love child of flu in that it will hit you so hard and leave you feeling like you’ve just been taken 20 rounds with Clubber Lang (Rocky 3, anybody? No?). Whilst suffering from this despicable disease you are still expected to socialise, cook, clean (alright, lets be honest this ones optional) and *shudder* go to lectures! The horror! To get through this testing time and due to the fact that one of my housemates has infected me this weekend, I thought I would lay out a few ground rules to help you deal with the fact that your head is now THE place to be for thrumming dance baselines and drumbeats.

Drinking lots of fluids is vital to keep you functioning well and your mouth not tasting like a toxic wasteland. Just a side note, alcohol is not the fluid to hydrate with, try to stick to orange juice, water and other “healthy” alternatives.

Maybe lay off the clubbing for a night or two and get to bed early. If you’re not sleeping and resting enough then you’ll be completely run down and you’ll end up trapped in the claws of this vicious illness. The clubs will be there all year and people won’t avoid you as much if you’re not sneezing all over them.

Eat Real Food
Swap your takeaway for some home cooked grub. Spaghetti Bolognese is pretty easy to make and you can get some vegetables in it to give your poor student immune system a bit of a boost. You can find a great recipe for an omelette right here and for many other easy recipes, check out the guys over at SORTED

If all else fails nuke the crap out of it with cold and flu tablets, lemsip and everything else that will help. Chemical warfare is COMPLETELY justified in this instance.


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