Student Survival: What to take to Uni


The end of August is nigh, and with it comes the migration of students everywhere, both new and old, returning to their University! Tonight I had the misfortune to stumble across an article about what parents should make sure that they buy their child for their first trip to university and I found that I have a bit of a problem in telling whether or not the author is joking. I’ll let you decide for yourselves, by checking it out HERE

Read it? Good.

Half of the stuff on that list is useless and flashy and just there for the sake of being there and showing off. I for one have never seen the appeal of “Oxbridge Charm”. If I wanted people to think that I went to Oxbridge, I’d have applied to both Oxford and Cambridge (as it happens I am so not a fan of the archaic rule of these universities that I never even considered applying to them for even a moment). Some of the stuff on that list is clearly for students that come from wealthy families who probably have more money than sense a vast sum of trust money set aside for them. I mean, what student needs a £200 suit jacket? In fairness, some of the items on the list are useful, but not the brands that are suggested. I for one prefer a PC to a Mac and lets face it a bike is a bike regardless of make, charm, cool factor and cost!

I thought I’d put together a few suggestions of what I think are absolutely useful items for any of you freshers moving away for the first time.

Most halls at normal universities are now self catered, meaning that unless you want to order in takeaway every night (whilst this sounds like a good idea, both your body and your bank account will hate it after a while, trust me!) then you had better bring some cooking and eating implements. Chief among these are cutlery! No matter how nice your housemates might seem, they WILL steal your cutlery. Without fail. You will have no forks left by the end of the year thanks to these vultures, unless you buy a big set and keep a few in your room! Problem solved!

This is probably your first time living away from home and in my experience, everybody starts to get homesick at one point in their first few weeks. Having a selection of posters and pictures to brighten up your room will hopefully make you a bit more comfortable and settled in, as well as making your room look pretty.

Hygiene Products
Until such a time as I rise up and take over the world, deodorant and other hygiene products will be your responsibility to remember (I hope you’re ready for my army of Cleanliness Enforcers to remove you of the need to do this yourself…). Nobody wants to sit near or hang around with the smelly kid, and you will become the leper of campus if you don’t keep your stink under control. Body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo (greasy hair should be made illegal…) are not that hard to find in a shop and they don’t take that long to use. Oh and if you’re one those people who claim that “I don’t need to use deodorant as I don’t have a body odour problem!” you do. Everyone in your life has just been too nice to say anything until now. Slap on some lynx and shut up.

Don’t be the idiot that turns up to lectures without a pen and paper. People will wonder how on Earth you managed to get in.

Clothes Airer
Laundry is a rip off. This lets you hang up your wet clothes to drip dry and save you a bit of moolah for the pub later that evening. Mine has been useful all through both of my years so I recommend them to everyone!

Plastic Bowl
A multipurpose tool for students. This allows you to wash up, transport water from one room to another, clean mould off your walls (personal experience, not all halls are lovely and clean…), throw up into, wash your socks in… Everything! And if you miss the bowl whilst you’re summoning the Chunder Dragon, you can fill it up with warm soapy water whilst you’re scrubbing the vomit off your floor as demons play the bongos on your brains…


One thought on “Student Survival: What to take to Uni

  1. Really enjoyed your post, helpful and humorous ! In my halls we mysteriously ran out of mugs, turns out one girl was hoarding them in her bedroom and using them to grow mould ! Plastic tumblers from poundland are a life saver for pre-drinks and just general thirst quenching !

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