Humiliating myself for a good cause

You know I was planning on taking part in the male Race For Life for Cancer Research UK, the Boys Beating Cancer run? Well, that was last Sunday and I did indeed take part.

In the few weeks leading up to the run I had been spamming the link to my JustGiving page all over Facebook and Twitter, trying to drum up as much sponsorship as possible and I think it worked! Well, maybe it was the fact that I promised to dress up in a rather fetching outfit if my friends pushed the total over £75 by the morning of the run. The sad (from my point of view) news came through whilst I was at work, with my friends pushing my total up to £80 by the end of the night!

True to my word, Sunday morning arrived and I walked out onto the field of Newbury Rugby Club looking like this:

Yes, that is a rather fetching tutu and fairy wings combination, topped off by the sparkly pink bowtie (said bowtie is hanging up in my room as a trophy of the hilarity of this race).

The run itself was tiring but i managed to complete it in just over 25 minutes, knocking a fair bit off of my old personal best for a 5k – amazing what a little humiliation can do!

It might not be gold, but a medal is a medal!

The race was fun and for a good cause and over the course of the next few days the total money that I managed to raise had increased to £100! AMAZING!

I’d like to say a great big thank you to all of the people who sponsored me and so here is my public note of thanks for you all!

Big Thanks to the following sponsors!:

Justin Lakey
Gill Hall
Tansy Spencer
Ali Hall
Andy Hall
Charlotte Dickenson
Anne Wenlock
Charlotte Wenlock
Joe Smallman
Annabel Haines
Nikki Broocks
Dean Crispin
Emily Welfare
Timothy Jeffrey

Here’s a picture of my pulling my attractive “I just ran 5k” face to say thanks!

Attractive, I know.

Until next years run guys!




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