Boys Beating Cancer


You may be aware of the Race For Life, the nationwide 5 kilometre run that is organised every year by Cancer Research UK. If you are already aware of this then I’m sure that you are also aware that the Race For Life is only allowed to be run by women. Yes, the Race For Life is a ladies only event where everyone taking part runs, jogs or walks the 5km and tries to get sponsorship from as many people as possible, to raise money for CAncer Research UK.

The obvious problem with the Race For Life is that it excludes alf the population from taking part in it, which obviously means that there are fewer participants raising sponsorship money to be donated to the charity. There hasn’t ever really been any answer to this one small flaw in the plan, until recently.

In 2006 the very first Boys Beating Cancer was hosted, with around 45 men and boys taking part to do exactly the same distance and in the exact same manner as the women-only Race For Life. The race has since moved into Newbury, which is very lucky for me, since I live about 20 minutes outside of Newbury, meaning that I am able to take part. Boys beating cancer is designed with the same goal as that of its counterpart: to walk, jog or run 5km and to get sponsorship from your friends, family and coworkers to raise as much money to put into finding a way to beat cancer once and for all. Personally, I think that Boys Beating Cancer has the potential to be much larger than it currently is and we should be seeing these events all around the UK, not just in the one location that it is currently held. Imagine how much money we could raise if this event was as large as the Race For Life and then imagine ow much good all of that donated money could do!

The race is on Sunday the 5th of August at Newbury Rugby Football Club, starting at 11am sharp, so if you plan on coming along I would aim to be there by at least 10 to. Ale sure that you can park and warm up properly! More details on the event can be found here: Boys Beating Cancer

As I mentioned previously, I am taking part in this event myself so if you wold like to support me through donations (and they are VERY greatly appreciated!!!) then please visit my JustGiving page, found conveniently at ThatRobHall JustGiving

Thank you for your support if you do donate and if you don’t donate then come along and support me and the other blokes!!!


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