Stop Doing That… Ordering Fast Food!

I know that I have already mentioned some of the customers that I have encountered during my time working a part time job in the Fast Food industry, but today I thought that I would do something about it! Personally, I am sick and tired of having to deal with the same questions and irritations every time that I run into one of these customers, so for the sake of my mental health, and the health of any of my fellow Fast Food Workers, here is the next installment of “Stop Doing That…”  Hopefully this will prevent my face exploding when I have to serve that 2%

STOP: Taking ages to decide
Okay, that might be a little harshly worded. I don’t mind you taking your time to decide what to order when you’re not in the queue, by all means take as long as you want to make your mind up. However, PLEASE stop waiting in the queue with no intention of using this time to choose what you want and then staring at the menu boards for 5 minutes after you get to the front counter. All that achieves is a massive hold up and me standing around doing nothing for a few minutes.

STOP: Talking on your phone
Talking on your phone whilst ordering your food is just rude, end of story. Also, don’t look at me like I’ve interrupted the most important call of your life when I ask you what drink you’d like – I’m just doing my job. How would you like it if I whipped out my phone and started yammering away like a frenzied cricket whilst you were trying to order? Doesn’t sound good, does it…

This is all we hear when you chatter away whilst ordering…

STOP: Getting angry
Occassionally, we mess up an order – we’re only human! If this happens, please calmly inform us that we’ve missed something out or done something wrong and we will be more than happy to fix the problem. Raging and shouting at us will make us less likely to want to help you. Plus, you’ll look like a complete prick collossal douche-walrus in front of all the other customers.

STOP: Asking for freebies
We’re not going to give them – our bosses get mad. Our job is more important to us than “chucking in an extra couple of bits on the house”, alright?

STOP: Taking more than you need
In regards to the complimentary condiments and tissues etc. Please only take what you need and don’t wander off with 50 wetnaps for your meal for one. Not only does it rack up the costs of the company, it can damage the environment by throwing out a large chunk of unused stuff that you picked up “because they’re free”. Save the planet people!

That’s all for today, if you have any more to add then feel free to comment and I might put them into the next post!

Also, leave suggestions for the next “Stop Doing That…” topic!


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