Book Reviews: The Hunger Games Trilogy

This might seem a little behind the times, seeing as almost everyone has now seen the film and probably read the books, but here is my own little review for you.

The Hunger Games is the trilogy of books that everyone has been talking about recently. Written by Suzanne Collins the books have been read by millions of people worldwide and topped numerous best seller lists. The film adaptation of the first book in the trilogy has had success in multiple countries. Truly these books are seen to be something special.

So why am I going against all of this to say to you that in my opinion: ‘The Hunger Games’ was alright.

I’m  not going to rail against the books for being a travesty of modern fiction because, when all is said and done, they were a good read. The story itself was captivating and you wanted to read more, to find out what happened to Katniss – the series protagonist. The setting; the great, post apocolyptic nation of Panem; was intriguing and offered a stark contrast to some of the dystopian-set books that I’ve read. At least at first. I mean, the first book in the series, The Hunger Games, was a good read and an interesting story (if quite similar to many other stories that are out there already. Battle Royale anyone?) and I found the book difficult to put down at times. So with great expectations i set about reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the second and third titles in the series. It was right here that I got let down.

The sequels were just that. Sequels that just were’nt good enough to be books in their won right. All throughout Catching Fire I had the feeling that this was nothing but an overlong prologue for the third book. That the entire purpose of the second book was to pave the way for the third book and not provide any character development whilst doing it. The third book, Mockingjay, wasn’t much better. It tried to be a war story, but it didn’t do a very good job at it.

Overall, I found the trilogy to be a bit of a disappointment after the first book. Don’t get me wrong, it was still enjoyable and readable but after the expectations that were given to me by the reccommendations of almost everybody that I know who read the books, I felt a little let down.

Overall, the trilogy gets a 7/10 with the first book deserving of a 9/10 on its own.


5 thoughts on “Book Reviews: The Hunger Games Trilogy

  1. Completely agree! I absolutely adored the first book, the second one was okish, and then I had an impulse to burn the third one 😛 Hated it with a passion, she had just changed Katniss’s character far too much, the strong willed determined heroine from the first book had changed into a snivelly woe is me pain in the butt! I mean I understand after everything she went through she would have changed as a person, it just would have been nice to still see that fire in her from the first one!

  2. I think you are spot on with thinking that the first book deserves high praise and the other two are just sort of “alright, I guess those were decent enough.” Oddly, I think when the movies come out it will be the other way around though due to the nature of film versus print.

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