Life Takes Over: The Driven to Distraction Blog

Just over a month since my last blog here. Don’t worry, I’m still alive! You can check my twitter when I’m not writing blogs, I’m usually tweeting something, pointless or not…

So a lot has happened since last time and I think I can be slightly forgiven for procrastinating writing a new post. I’d better launch into the many things that have driven me up to distraction in the last few weeks.

Firstly, I had an incredible amount of work to get done.  One of my degree modules involves a project where we create digital representations of 18th century tithe maps and there is rather a lot of work to do to get everything completed and sorted. Then comes the next part of creating maps representing various different aspects of the dataset that accompanies the original map. I guess I’ll still be working hard next week when I get back down to Portsmouth.

Secondly, I had a field trip to Malta for a week. I know what you’re thinking: Malta? For a fieldtrip. That’s a lie, you’ve spent the entire week in the sun living in the lap of luxury!
Well, you’d be wrong. As much as we did spend a LOT of time in the sun, we were also working. Measuring boulder sizes and pluckhole and scarps. Slop profiles and tumbling rocks. There was an awful lot of measuring and different fieldwork involved. I’ll pop a post up as soon as possible about some of the more fun aspects of the trip.

Finally, it’s been Easter and I’ve been back in my hometown working at my old job and trying to revise. I’ve also read a lot more books whilst I’ve been absent from blogging, so there’s plenty of reviews to come soon. If you check out the Reading List tab at the top of the page then you’ll see the updated lists.

See you soon.