The Pursuit of Knowlege

I am a person that never wants to stop learning. I’m sure that almost everyone is like myself in this way, we all want to know things. Whether it is simply trivial things like who your best friend is dating or more challenging things such as an understanding of particle physics, we ll want to know things. That’s why we have universities and libraries and Wikipedia.

Personally, I want to know about quite a lot of things. Obviously, I want to learn more about Geography, a passion of mine which I am achieving through my degree. So that’s one down. However, I also want to learn more about languages, history and religion. A lot of the books that I read in my free time are based on historical concepts and events and also quite a few of them are based around a religious experience, figure or event as well. So I get to learn a bit, but there’s always time for more.

Luckily for all of you out there that are like myself, massive knowledge hoarders, there are some wonderful ways to learn that can be taken anywhere at any time. If you like to read books, there’s always libraries so check your local council website to find out where your nearest one is! If you prefer lsitening to your learning there are tons of podcasts out there that you can grab and download. iTunes has an absolute shedload of these! Thirdly, if you prefer to watch videos then there are lots of channels on YouTube where you can do this. A personal favourite of mine is Crash Course, a new channel that is set up by the VlogBrothers John and Hank Green where they teah you about Biology and World History. I’ll put a link to the playlist of each of these at the end. Also by Hank Green is Sci Show where he teaches you about science. I’ll also chuck a link in to Sci Show.

So keep looking for things and keep learning! If you have an recommedations for books, podcasts or video series then let me know in the comments!



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