Treadmill to Tarmac

As you may or may not know, I joined a gym after Christmas to try and get back to my level of fitness that I had before I came to university. It has been difficult, a year of a sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on you, but I’m starting to get back to a better, fitter, healthier version of myself.

I made the decision to go running last night, just a short one around a bit of my home neighbourhood whilst I’m back in the area for the weekend. Now, I have no trouble running 5km on a treadmill. No trouble at all, I hop off and then off up to another part of the gym, just a little more tired than before. Last night, running properly on tarmac for the first time in a while I forgot why everyone tells you never to run on a treadmill if you plan to run outside for any distance.

My calf muscles are killing me.

Still, I can run further and for longer than I could over Christmas, what’s a few painful muscles for the price of that!


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