Technical Difficulties 2

I got my laptop back last week. It was fixed. Hooray!

It broke again, exactly the same as before.

Needless to say I took it back to the repair shop on Monday and they diagnosed an underlying fault in the cable that feeds the inverter, which was shorting and causing the inverter board to blow. So for the past few days I have been living without a laptop again, spending larger portions of my time in University computer suites to try and keep on top of my work. It hasn’t been as bad as it could be, I mean I still have my BlackBerry which allows me to send and receive emails and do all my social networking. But still, I can’t keep up with Castle and New Girl without a laptop! Watching tv shows in the library is kind of frowned upon…

Luckily it is ready to pick up, after what is hopefully the last repair it will need!

If any of you guys have had computer issues, how bad have they been?

Until next time…


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