Technical difficulties

My laptop is broken. The backlight for the screen won’t come on, leaving the screen in perpetual darkness. Wonderful. This couldn’t have come at a worse time, what with all my uni work that I have to do currently. At least the laptop works behind the dark screen. -knocks on wood- This allows me to back up all of my files on to my external hardrive, hopefully preventing any major malfunctions from being to ruinous for too long. It can never be easy, can it?

Looking for the silver lining, at least I have a smartphone whilst this is happening. This means that I can still read and reply to emails, write blogs and do all the little things on the BlackBerry, saving me from having to make an effort to go somewhere else just to check my emails. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the uni IT team to either fix it or forward me to someone that can do.

I’d best get going to the library now then, since I can’t do work in my room…

My laptop, with the torch I'm using as a backlight

My laptop, with the torch I’m using as a backlight


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