Life Takes Over: The Post Office Blog

Right now as I am writing this, I’m standing in a queue in the post office, waiting to pick up a parcel. This is the first time that I’ve felt like blogging since being back at uni. Tragic.

As is so often the case with things that we want to do, life gets in the way and takes up our time with all those little jobs that need to get done. For me, it has been a return to the weekly grind of lectures, though my modules this semester look very interesting and I’m sure that I’ll be sharing many a story about them in future posts.

Other things that I’ve done include joining the gym, a shock to the system after a fairly sedentary lifestyle last year. The aim is shift that stubborn stomach that seems to have built up and to generally improve my health and fitness in an aim to be happier and healthier in my lifestyle. My housemate and I made and decorated a birthday cake, as seems to have become our thing to do for friends birthdays. This one was shaped like a bee and tasted delicious if I do say so myself. Copious cups of tea have been drunk with friends and a lot of washing has been done, since I mistakenly left it here last time I went home!

But back to the post office…
Isn’t it always the way that you wait in for a delivery for a few days and the one half an hour that you go for a run, it turns up and you’re left with a little red slip and the knowledge that you will be queuing for over twenty minutes in a tiny room filled with people that are equally unhappy to be there.

Such is life.


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