Reading Lists.

I’ve never been one for making a list of books that I want to read, I tend to just pick up something that grabs my eye and have a read. The unfortunate truth of this though, is that I do not read enough anymore. Cue the creation of my reading list.

I’m aiming to review every book that I read from now. I’ll make a new page on the blog where you can check out the list as it stands and see what I’ve finished and get a link to the review post if you’re interested yourself.

The goal of this is to read more books, and not just those books that are useful or necessary to my course (though undoubtedly, these books have a higher level of importance). I’ll be reading both fiction and non-fiction books and I’ll aim to have as broad a selection of genres and subjects as I can manage.

Hopefully, some of you out there that may stumble over my blog will be doing the same or may just love reading. In that case, please get in contact with any book recommendations that you might have and I’ll add them to the list. You can do this in comments or by email, i’ll put it either in the “About” page or somewhere in the sidebar.

Happy Reading!

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