In two posts, I seem to have made this a “Book Blog”. I’ll try to steer away from that slightly, but reading is a big part of my life so there will be a lot of posts about books and if that’s not your thing then I can only apologise and hope you’ll stick around for some of the other things that I’ll eventually talk about.

I’ve known about Goodreads for a while but I never bothered to sign up for an account until today. What a mistake that was.

Goodreads is a website where people rate the books they’ve read and can post a small review in comments on the book. This is a great idea as Goodreads will recommend books that you may enjoy based on your previously listed books and it can help broaden your reading selection. Oh no, this wasn’t why signing up was a mistake.The mistake was the fact that you can add books to your “To Read” list.


Now, I’ve always thought of myself as a well-read, bookish person but there are just SO many books that I’m clicking “want to read” on. I feel slightly ashamed by some of them. For example, I’ve never read ‘The Great Gatsby’ or ‘The Catcher In The Rye’. How? How have I never read these books that are listed under the heading of ‘Classics’? I’ve got a lot of reading to do, it would seem…

Check out Goodreads here, if you havent already: Goodreads and I’ll put a link on the “Reading Lists” page to my profile so we can share books, if you would like to!




Reading Lists.

I’ve never been one for making a list of books that I want to read, I tend to just pick up something that grabs my eye and have a read. The unfortunate truth of this though, is that I do not read enough anymore. Cue the creation of my reading list.

I’m aiming to review every book that I read from now. I’ll make a new page on the blog where you can check out the list as it stands and see what I’ve finished and get a link to the review post if you’re interested yourself.

The goal of this is to read more books, and not just those books that are useful or necessary to my course (though undoubtedly, these books have a higher level of importance). I’ll be reading both fiction and non-fiction books and I’ll aim to have as broad a selection of genres and subjects as I can manage.

Hopefully, some of you out there that may stumble over my blog will be doing the same or may just love reading. In that case, please get in contact with any book recommendations that you might have and I’ll add them to the list. You can do this in comments or by email, i’ll put it either in the “About” page or somewhere in the sidebar.

Happy Reading!

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Starting out

The hardest part of any task is starting it. So here we go, jumping straight in with a brief introduction post.

I’m Rob and you can find out a bit more about me in the “About” page. You can also keep up with what happens to me on Running Jump, the blog that I co-author with my old school friend, Justin – there’s a link in the blogroll for that!  Twitter links can be found in the sidebar so that you can follow me and see the generally mundane but sometimes unintentional hilarity of my life in real time.

That’s about it for this brief note, but I’ll be back before long with some actual content! (Provided that I don’t get bored and do other things instead…)